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Clean air / Filtered air

On June 17, 2020, a new air purification system was installed in our restaurant, which ensures that the indoor climate remains free from allergens, viruses (including Corona), and all other pollutants > 0.007 microns (PM0.007). This system removes 99.9% of all ultrafine particles and fine particles and 97% of viruses in the air.

In April 2021, the LightAir IonFlow technology was specifically tested for COVID-19. The results exceeded everyone's expectations. The Spanish research confirmed that LightAir makes the COVID-19 virus harmless in the air around you.

The negative ions from the LightAir IonFlow technology attach themselves to the COVID-19 virus particle. The virus's protein spikes are destroyed by the ions, preventing the virus from attaching and penetrating a human cell. You can click here for the full research.

This is based on ionizing air purification combined with a Hepa filter, a technique used in hospitals and airplanes, among others. At Koekenbier, you are breathing clean, filtered air.

The coronavirus is an airborne virus, and like the common flu or a cold, it is transmitted through the air. Recent reports indicate that the virus can remain active in the air for up to 3 hours.

Our system can be used to make the air as clean as possible, providing extra protection against the spread of the coronavirus through the air.

The system utilizes the patented LightAir air purification technology.

The system combines two LightAir technologies:

  1. IonFlow technology: This unique high-density ionization technology has been proven to neutralize 97% of airborne viruses, thereby preventing virus transmission.

  2. CellFlow technology: This is a combination of ionization and a HEPA+ filter, capable of removing 99.99% of all viruses from the air.

Research conducted at the Karolinska Institutet and published in June 2015 in the renowned scientific journal Nature Scientific Reports demonstrates that the IonFlow high-density ionization technology deactivates 97% of all airborne viruses, preventing their transmission. It is essential to note that these results are specific to the LightAir high-density ionizer and may not apply to all ionizer air purifiers. The Swedish university's long-term research confirmed that the ions generated by LightAir's high-density ionizer deactivate viruses in the air, thereby preventing contamination. It provides a quick and easy solution to remove viruses from the air and prevent transmission. published a press release in 2015 describing a test conducted with marmots. Four marmots in a cage were infected with a flu virus, and another cage with four healthy marmots was set up. The ionization device was placed nearby but not turned on, and after 24 hours, three marmots were also infected. The test was repeated with the device turned on, and after 24 hours, none of the marmots were infected.

This technology also ensures a safe environment for people with allergies or asthma. Those with allergies and asthma are most sensitive to poor air quality, and with the right protection against allergens and fine particles, they can also stay healthy and vital.

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